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National Wholesale Late Night TV Advertisement Includes

National Sattelite TV Broadcasting

30 sec or 60 sec Time Slot 

TV Ad Production 

National TV Broadcasting 

Visual Formatting

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Late Night Wholesale TV Airtime for Beginners and Seasoned Advertisers

Millions of Dollars are spent each and every year for a single :30 sec commercial spot. TV Airtime still remains the Medium for Direct Response and Branding for Advertising Companies.
"Save up to 1000%" or more with Marketing Bodz's Late Night TV Airtime Service for Beginners and Seasoned Advertiser. Become a top competitor in any Industry.

How Can a Company or Business Advertise on TV without Spending Millions? Invest in Late Night Wholesale TV Airtime to Brand Your Company's Name.   Late Night TV Spots are always available in Volume all across the country. Most Advertisers do not purchase late night TV Commercials for the fact that most people are sleep at night, but once the day passes and the late night TV Spot are not sold, the advertising distribution company just lost a lot of money during that day and the money will never be recovered. There are thousands of Commercial TV Spots that will go unsold each day and here at Marketing Bodz our job is to help get rid of those Late Night TV Commercial Spots. All Commercial Airtime is sold in: 30 sec and: 60 sec time slot. Advertisers must purchase a minimum of 35, 30 sec. Commercial Spots or 15, 60 sec. Commercial Spots.  Each Advertiser is buying Commercial Airtime at Wholesale prices, which gives small companies a chance to compete the Major Competitors in the Industry of the Advertiser field. Find out how to buy Tons of TV Airtime without having to spend 3 Million Dollars for: 30 sec. or: 60 sec. of Advertisement. . 


Can an Advertiser use a Pre-recorded Commercial?  Yes and No. Each advertiser's commercial has to be approved by the advertising distributor. If the advertiser wants to use a pre-recorded commercial and it passes approval, then yes, the commercial will be used.  If the  pre-recorded commercial  is not approved, then a new commercial will need to be used.

Why Use  National Late Night TV Advertising?  Late Night TV Spots may not be Prime Time TV Spots, but the Broadcasting is still National, and the TV Commercial will Broadcast throughout the United States. Remember, Late Night TV Spots can go as low as 1000% lower than Prime Time TV Spots, which can help Advertisers save thousands of dollars. 

How Does Late Night TV compare to Prime Time TV? Prime Time TV has a larger audience which is great for "Direct Sales "or "Call Now " sales for Direct Responses.  Late Night TV has an audience that is more for Branding, since most companies are closed during late night hours, branding is the key for Advertiser during late night hours.  Branding allows customers to get familiar with a company they may not know, so when an advertising company calls a new prospect about their company, that person should already know who that advertising company is.  Most consumers buy from companies they are familiar with. Using Late Night TV Spots is a great way to Brand a company's name and Branding is what any advertising company should expect when marketing and advertising during late night hours. Late Night TV Broadcasting is a great way to get in the TV Marketing Industry without having to spend millions of dollars to compete with other businesses.


What are the Late Night National TV Spot Prices? Prices for Late Night TV varies, depending on what type of Audience an Advertiser wants to target, but Late Night TV Spots can go a 1000% lower than Prime Time TV because these spots must go or No Money will be made if the time passes, so some money is better than No Money!

Where Can an Advertiser get Late Night National TV Spots? Go to and get the  National Late Night TV Spots Service.  Select the Audience you would like to Target and they will do the rest.  

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National TV Marketing Starter Package



Late Night TV Airtime for Beginners and Seasoned Advertisers



National TV Commercial: Each TV Spot Duriation is :30 sec to 60 sec long. The TV Commercial will air on National Cable TV. The TV Advertisement will broadcast on channels like MSNBC, MTV, BET, and more..

TV AD PRODUCTION: Each company will receive a Director, up to 2 Actors, a Writer, and Camera Guy for your TV Ad's Video Production. .

TV AD POST PRODUCTION: Each client will receive 1 Editor to finish your TV Commercial:.

TV ADVERTS: Each TV Commercial will have a TV Advert of MarketingBodz in written text in side the TV Ad.





TV COMMERCIAL RIGHTS: MarketingBodz and iMage402, the parent company of owns all rights and control of any commercial produced by it marketing and advertising company.

BUY COMMERCIAL USE RIGHTS: If any client would like to purchase the TV Advertisement that was made to advertise their company may do so. To buy the commercial rights would to the TV Commercial is $1500 . .

Free TV AIRTIME: Each company will receive 2 commercials on TV per month for the next 6 months if they buy the Email Blasting Service, Voice Blast and Auto Dialer at the same time.




ABOUT THE FREE TV ADS AND TV BROACASTING: The Free TV Ads and TV Broadcasting Marketing Campaign is a TV Advertisement Promotion to say thanks for using our services

TEMPORARY OFFER: Free TV Ads and TV Broadcasting is a temporary offer. In order for the promotion to work, customers must use 3 of Marketing Bodz service for 90 days. Once the 90 days are up, the customer will receive two Nationally Televised TV Commercial. Marketing Bodz way of saying thanks!!!!