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Powerful Auto Dialer Service Includes 

Call over 10,000 Prospect Monthly: Auto Dialers are great for Mass Announcements. Call over 10,000 prospects Per Month. 

Never Hear A Busy Signal: Numbers that are Out of Service, Busy, Disconnected, Fax Machines, etc.. are disregarded and skipped over. Never Hear a Busy Signal. 

Live Transferred Calls Only: Any time a Live Voice is detected, MarketingBodz's Auto Dialer will transfer the call. Check to receive Only Liver Transfer Calls. 

Answered and Unanswered Call List Sheet: Advertisers want to know who Answered and who did not answer. Each Advertiser is given a call list in Excel Format as to who answered and who did not answer. 

Marketing Bodz's Automatic Phone Dialer is what any company needs to increase productivity. Marketing Bodz's Auto Dialer is the best Power Dialer for your company. We have the Lowest Combination Price Guaranteed!!!

Regular Price: $1,569.00

Special Price $599.99


Auto Dialing Service for $699.99 Text or Call 888.701.8460

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 Got Auto Dialer?



 What is an Auto Dialer? An Auto Dialer is an Automated Calling System that allows Marketing Agencies or indivials to use software for generating multipule phone calls with little effort. Auto Dialers can be programmed to send out Live Messages that are Pre-recorded, this is also known as Voice Broadcasting or Robodailing. Pre-Recorded Messages are actived to play after the phone has been answered. Once the phone has been answered the Advertiser can allow the Auto Dialer to give  options as to how the Prospect would like to communicate to the Advertiser. Auto dialers enable advertisers to make Automated Voice Calls from computers to regular phones. This solution is based on VoIP technology. The voice messages are forwarded from computer to phones via the network of an Internet based service provider.



 Will Auto Dialers Increase Productivity? - Using a Power Dialer like our Auto Dialer will help to eliminate unwanted calls. Once unwanted calls are eliminated Sales to Prospects will increase in any given time frame giving each Sales Representative more opportunities to make sales. The more opportunity a person has to make sales, the more chances the Sales Representative will have when it comes time to make a close. Just by eliminating certain unwanted outbound calls, some companies has seen production increase by 200%.

 How Does Voice Recordings for the Auto Dialer Works? There are a number of ways a Marketing or Advertising Agency can record and upload a voice or voices to begin Voice Broadcasting. Most Marketing and Advertising Agencies are familiar with Windows.  Windows allows anyone with a computer to use their Voice Recording Software for free. If an advertiser is not familiar with using the Voice Recording Software on Windows, just give a script to Marketing Bodz, requests a male or female voice actor, and Marketing Bodz will record a professional audio for Voice Broadcasting at no additional cost.



How  Are Phone Calls Made? All Automated Phone Calls are placed in Marketing Bodz's facilaty on a private server. Advertisers only need to supply a list of numbers in comma seperated value or (CVS) format or upload the Call List to Marketing Bodz's secure server in Excel format. Once the call list has been uploaded, the list will be placed in the Automated Dialing System. The Automated Dialing System will then dial each number and once the call is finished the Automatic Dialing Software will leave a status message, allow our team of expert to know what call was answered, hung up, or went into voicemail. If a call does go to a Prospect's Voicemail, their will be an option to leave a Voice Message or Not. Advertisers who would like to leave a Voice Message after no one answers the phone will need to record 2 Voice Overs for Voice Broadcasting.  A Voice Message for the initial phone call and Voice Message for the answer machine. Remember, Marketing Bodz will help any Advertiser with a Voice Over at no addtional cost.

 Will the Auto Dialer Eliminate Unneccray Calls?  Outbound cold calling is tough enough as it as; by adding an Auto Dialer each employee will have more time to talk to actual people instead of wasting time on unnecessary calls with busy signals, answer machines, wrong numbers, and more... Using an Auto Dialer increases production by 200% or more. To find out more about Marketing Bodz's Auto Dialing Software, call or text us at (888)701-8460.



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I love this software Review by James
This software increase my bottom line. I don't know what else to say. (Posted on 10/18/2016)

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Available nationally in small, medium and large markets.
May be available in some of the following markets:

State (A-M) Market
Yuma, AZ - El Centro, CA
Colorado Colorado Springs, CO - Pueblo, CO
Denver, CO
Eagle County, CO (incl. Vail, CO)
Fort Collins, CO
Grand Junction, CO - Montrose, CO
Roaring Fork Valley, CO (incl. Aspen, CO)
Summity County, CO
Winter Park, CO (incl. Grand County, CO)
Connecticut Bridgeport, CT
Hartford, CT & New Haven, CT (incl. Wallingford, CT)
Norwalk, CT
Norwich, CT
Stamford, CT
Waterbury, CT (a/k/a Central Naugatuck Valley), New Britain, Bristol, and Meriden, CT
Delaware New Castle County (Wilmington)-Kent County (incl. Dover)-Sussex County, DE
Florida Daytona Beach, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Fort Myers, FL - Naples, FL
Gainesville, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Lakeland, FL
Manatee County, FL (incl. Brandenton, FL)
Melbourne, FL
Miami, FL
Mobile, AL - Pensacola, FL (incl. Fort Walton Beach, FL)
Orlando, FL
Palm Beach, FL
Panama City, FL

Auto Dialing Services - For more information  Text or Call 888.701.8460

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IN-HOUSE PC DIALER - MarketingBodz will provide all service In-House, we have our on PC Dialer. Dialing from the PC has decreased the amount of cost giving small business a chance to market and advertise like big box stores. Our PC Dialer is very effective when it comes time for making phone calls.


MARKETING BODZ EXPERT - Hire a Marketing Specialist from MarketingBodz and take action to increase your bottom line. MarketingBodz service is $699 a month to contact thousands of people. There is no overhead, there is no overtime, and there is benefits to pay when using MarketingBodz auto dialing service and we will do all the work for you. Tell us what you need and just sit back and collect the phone calls.


SET-UP FEE - There is a set up fee of $569 to get started. This set up fee includes a VP Server to send unlimited emails, and installation of the software. Please call 888.701.8460 if you have any questions. Thanks!!!