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Full Service Email Marketing Includes

Unlimited Email Subscribers 

Virtual Private Server to Send Unlimited Emails 

Over 30 Premade Email Templates 

Unlimited Auto Responders 

Unlimited Trigger for Email Campaign 

5 Custome Bult Email Templates Per Month

Professional Email Marketing Team

100% Hassle Free Service 

No Programming and No Coding Involved for 30 days

Buy out the license to the sofware - Similar to the  Million Dollar Company MailChimp


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Special Price $1,399.00

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Unlimited Email Blast for $1299


Unlimited Emailing Software

Send Unlimited Emails for only $1399 - Own the Software

 3 to 5 Billion People have an Email Account. Even people who don't have a computer has an Email Account. Email are the #1 way to Communicate, therfore Email Marketing, the most Cost Effective way to Commnicate to Consumers.

Why use Email Marketing? As mentioned in the title, Over 3 to 5 Billion consumers has an Email Account and Emailing Individuals is the #1 way to Communicate in the world today, Making Email Marketing the #1 choice for Marketing and Advertising Angencies. Marketing and Advertising companies saves millions in printing cost, mailing cost, and more. The great thing about Email Marketing is the fact that Email Accounts are all over the World and an Advertising Agency can get a single message from United States to Brazil with a single click of the button. Emailing is instant and gratafying, that's why Email Marketing is so popular.  The best part about Email Marketing is the Email did not cost anything to send, and if Emailing from a Cell Phone did cost to send, the Advertiser's message will still get to the Email Account within minutes and the cost will still remain under $0.10 cents, unlike the old fashion "Snail Mail."


Can we Email Blast 1 Million Consumers?  An Advertiser can Email Blast 1 million prospects, but a Dedicated Server or a Virtual Private Server is needed in order to effectively start Email Marketing and Adverting.


Why is a Dedicated Server or a Virtual Private Server Needed to Email Blast?  A Dedicated Server and a Virtual Private Server is needed for Email Marketing because companies like Yahoo, Google, and other Hosting Companies who supply Email Accounts all have about 50 to 100 people or more sharing one computer. Sending an Email to 1million people requiers a great deal of Data Usage which may slow down the work of the people sharing the same computer, which is called Shared Hosting. Sending out more than 500 Emails per hour could get the  Advertiser's Email Account closed.

A Virtual Private Server may Host  2 - 4 consumers or more. The Hosting Computer is Virtually Private because there are not 50 to 100 individuals using the same computer. Some advertisers don't even want to share a computer at all and that is when an Advertising Agency will purchase a Dedicated Server. A Dedicated Server means just that, the Sever is Dedicated to 1 indivial and there is no one else to slow down while Advertising, Storing, Data, or whatever the Server was purchased for.

Just understand, sending more than 500 Emails per hour to Individuals while using Shared Hosting can get an Advertiser account shut down or closed. To properly send emails without disgression, purchase a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated Server or call Marketing Bodz to open up an Email Hosting account to Send Unlimited Emails. 


What's in Marketing Bodz's Unlimited Emailing Software? Most Email Software and Email Templates in the Sofware  are basically the same. Marketing Bodz's Email Markting Software is equpped with Email Templates, of course,  Auto Response, Massive Email List Import from CVS, Split Test Campaign, Email Overwrite which means an adveriser will never upload the same Email twice. Our Unlimted Software goes beyond just uploading and Overwriting Emails, Advertisers can now Filter an Email Campaign for Spam Keywords, which allows the Advertiser to watch out for Spam Keywords. An Unfiltered Email Campaigns for Spam Keywords could lead the entire Email Campaign into the Email's Spam Mail. Emails with too many Spam Keywords inside the message could send the entire Email Campaign to the Email Account Spam Mail which will lead to a very low Click -Through-Rate for an Advertiser's Email Campaign.

Marketing Bodz's Unlimited Emailing Software is great for Advertisers who want a Flat Rate Fee for Mass Marketing. Never worry about a being Penalize for growing



Where can I get Marketing Bodz Hosting Services to go along with my Unlimited Email Marketer? To find our more about MarketingBodz's Unlimited Email Marketer

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Email Marketing & List Building!


Email Marketing & List Building!



EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM - Each Email Marketing SYSTEM comes with the ability to send 1 million emails or more.

Unlimited Email Blast - Send Unlimited Emails with your new Virtual Private Server and Email blast system, but just remember, those emails need to belong to the company providing the emails. If those emails are not your emails and the recipients continues to press their spam button, your Email Marketing system can get Black Listed and it will be hard for the Email Marketing system to send emails.

VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER - Each company will receive a Free Virtual Private Server for your Email Marketing campaign.


EMAIL MARKETING FEATURES - MarketingBodz,Email Marketing Mass Mailing software includes, Auto-Response, Triggers, List Segments, Spam Keyword Detector so you don't send spam, Email Response chart and more.

EMAIL TEMPLATE - Our stand alone Email Marketing system is equipped with 30 Email Templates. 




100% HASSEL FREE: - With MarketingBodz's 100% Hassle Free Services, all businesses will receive a Email Marketing Expert to do all of the Email Marketing Campaign. MarketingBodz's Email Marketing Specialist will do all the Programming and Coding for your Email Marketing Campaign. Save time, money and effort when working with



PROFESSIONAL EMAIL CAMPAIGN: - MarketingBodz's staff will build and send up to 5 Email Campaigns per month. Email Advertisers will receive up to 4 revisions. Each email revision count as an Email Campaign for the month.