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Cell Phone Marketing Service - Use Our In-house Mobile Marketing (SMS) Texting Service To Build Your Cell Phone Database. Achieve An Open Rate Of 99%. Never get Fined or Penalized. We Do All The Work! Find Out How.

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Mobile Marketing SMS Texting Service


Got Mobile Marketing?

Marketing Bodz’s (SMS)Text, Mobile Marketing Service For Cell Phones – Receive a 99% Open Rate with No Penalties & No Fines!

Text (888)701-8460 To Set Up Your SMS Text Mobile Marketing Service Today!



What is the difference between Mobile Marketing and Cell Phone Marketing? Nothing.  Any platform, for example: Cell Phone (Android, iPhone, Samsung, etc...)  IPad, Tablet (Kindle, Amazon Cloud) Laptop Computer, etc.. are all considered Mobile Devices. Each device is a device that can be taken from home, which make these devices, "Mobile Devices."  Even though Mobile Devices are similar, the coding to write a Mobile Advertisement or Mobile Ad has to respond to the shape of each device and once the coding is right for the Mobile Ad, the advertisement will be sent through a Short Messaging System platform. Sending your advertisement though a Short Message Service or through (SMS) Text will help promote your Mobile Ad. Each Mobile Ad will be responsive to each Mobile Device and your Mobile Ad will display on all Mobile Platforms. So, to get the best bang for your buck, it's best to build a great Cell Phone list to build a great Mobile Marketing audience for your Cell Phone Marketing.



Why Target Cell Phones? (SMS) Text Marketing has a 99% Open Rate, which makes Cell Phone Marketing very effective for any advertiser. Cell Phone Applications that are written for advertsing works on all Mobile Platforms, not just Cell Phone Devices. 


Who is theT.C.P.A.?  The T.C.P.A. or  the Telephone Consumer Protection Act write laws to regulate when and how advertisers contact consumers. Currently the T.C.P.A. has added tough Penalties and Fines to any advertiser using robo-calls and text messaging services to contact consumers without the consumers' consent.  



What are the solutions around T.C.P.A Fines? Get the Mobile Marketing Service from Marketing Bodz and never worry about Fines or Penalties. Our Team of Marketing Experts and Programmers, will build an effective campaign and use In-house Marketing Techniques that will allow advertisers to contact consumers without the advertiser being Penalized or Fined. Advertising the responsible way can save any company a lot of money. 


 Marketing Bodz Team of Marketing Experts and Programmers will... 

1) Build a very effective Mobile Marketing Campaign...

2) Stay within the State Laws to avoid stiff Penalties and Fines…

3) Expand or increase the reach for Small, Medium, and Large Companies who are interested in (SMS) Text Marketing...

4) Build you your very on App for Marketing and Advertising on Google Play Store and Apples Appstore...  

5) Receive Door to Door Marketing, Print Design, Graphic Design, and more. All Marketing Services are Included! Find out how.



Set up your Mobile Marketing Kit Today – Receive the 99% Open Rate You Deserver! Our teams will set-up an Effective Mobile Opt-in and Opt-out Database System, to help you catch leads the right way, so never worry about Penalties and Fines.


To find out more information, get your cell phone out and text your Full Name and Number to (888)701-8460. Text Us Today!!!


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Location and Market

Cell Phone, Mobile Marketing - Market and Locations

Text (888)701-8460 To Set Up Your Mobile Marketing Kit Today!

Our Mobile Marketing or (SMS) Text Blasting Software - Mobkile Marketing available in all markets and locations in the United States.


Cell Phone Marketing Specifications

Mobile Marketing - Specifications

Text (888)701-8460 To Set Up Your Mobile Marketing Kit Today!


Specifications: Marketing Bodz’s Mobile Marketing Services includes the following below...




1) Graphic Design for 1000 EDDM Postcard.


2) Print for 1000, 6” x 9” EDDM Postcards Full Color,Front and Back.


3)The delivery of 1000 EDDM Postcards.


4) Web development services to set up online text to chat service.


5) 1000 SMS Text Blast services.


6) Digital Advertimsent Design for Mobile Ad.


7) Digital Programming and Coding for Mobile Ad.


8) Publishing of your Mobile Ad to Goole Playstore and Apple's AppStore.


9) (SMS) Coding and Programing for Text Message for Mobile Ad.


10) (SMS) Cell Phone Software will be used to send Mass Text Messages to List.


11) Everything is 100% Hassle Free Service. We do all the work!


12) Each client is provided with an SMS Text or Mobile Marketing Expert to help set-up and build a professional Cell Phone List Database and campaign.




 To find out more information get your cell phone out and Text  Your Full Name and Number  to (888)701-8460.  Text Us Today!!!