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 About Marketing Bodz

 Marketing Bodz is a premium Marketing and Advertising company. Our goal at Marketing Bodz is to provide creative Marketing and Advertising that yields results. Some members of our staff has a much as 20 years experience in Marketing and Advertising in various fields.

From 20 year of experience in Marketing and Advertising our Senior Staff member had an idea as to the one thing that stopped business owners from Marketing and Advertising as much as they could. The business owners were not seeing a return, on top of a lousy return, the real big problem was, the business owners were not having fun with their Marketing and Advertising.


Marketing Bodz and its staff understood one thing most Marketing and Advertising never thought about and if the Marketing and Advertising company did know, the companies did little to explore the fundamental values as to how it would effective the drive their customers. Nobody knows our clients product better then our client. Some clients do not want to get involved in the creative process, but this could be a very fatal move in the advertiser is in experienced.The more a client is emotionally connected to seeing their product do well, there is more chances of that product to actually doing well. In sales we are all taught to see if we can make an emotional connection with the client to get the customer to buy. In Marketing and Advertising the Emotion Connection if for our clients to have fun while Marketing and Advertising to keep them consistent.


Consistency is Key when it comes to Marketing and Advertising. An effective message is a consistence message. Customer must understand in order to get results the public must become familiar with your company in order to build a trusting relationship. All Commercial, Print Advertisement, Online Marketing, Offline Marketing, etc... these messages must be consistent. If a company just ran one ad a month, then that company is just wasting money.


Money is another huge reason why some startup companies with a smaller budget don't have the money to Market and Advertise like the Large Box Stores. With Marketing Bodz creative marketing skills and the internet leveling the playing field for both Start-up companies and Big Box companies, advertisers can now reach a very large Market Audience just by applying a little creative thinking.


In Marketing and Advertising today, if a company can be creative and original with a hot product, that product could carry the company to new heights. Viral Marketing is a great way to get the word out about any company. Let's hope the Viral Message is something more positive for the company then negative. A Viral Message can go Good or Bad, but one thing for sure, the message is going to go and go fast, but it will get the word out to help you increase your bottom line.


With our 20 year of experience in Marketing and Advertisement, our goal is to help you have fun with what you are doing. Our Staff and Team wants you to get emotionally connected and evolved with your product, we want you to stay consistent, increase your Audience and Branding with effective and Creative marketing that is affordable and effective. But our main goal is to help you increase your bottom line. Most of all, Have Fun Marketing!!!